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Engineering Generosity
by Josh Wilson
In this episode, Josh interviews Tim Kachuriak, the Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer and Founder of NextAfter, a fundraising research lab and consultancy aimed at helping nonprofits generate more giving. The goal of this “for cause” company is to create the most generous generation the world has ever seen. Using a data driven systems and behavioral economics.
Tim and his team aim to de-code what drives people to give. NextAfter has run over 12,000 marketing optimization experiments that are publicly sourced for other companies to use freely.
Tim shares where his passion for helping nonprofits began. He talks about creating his own ad agency right of college, which ultimately led to doing some marketing work for his church. Tim noticed the excitement in himself that was generated for doing work for a cause that he genuinely cared about. This promoted a sale of his business and a career pivot to go work for a nonprofit faith-based organization in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Some turbulence accompanied the transition and his digital marketing job suddenly included helping the company generate money via fundraising.

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