Edie Dopking, Founder & Executive Director

“Dennis Pitocco, Goodworks 360 CEO, joined our Board of Directors a little over a year ago and brought with him a fresh perspective, experience that comes from years of community service, and the ability to communicate his ideas in a way that stimulated real thought and healthy discussion among our board and staff members. Dennis has a unique talent for shaking things up without shaking them apart. His involvement with our nonprofit has been transformational and Quantum Leap Farm has evolved into a more sophisticated and sustainable organization due in large part to Dennis’ skills around envisioning and catalyzing positive change.”


Joel Greenberg, President & CEO

“FREE! You see it used everywhere, and you instinctively know TANSTAFL (there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch) … but GOODWORKS 360° is free, and comes with experienced help that can make a real difference. GOODWORKS 360° has provided help in several ways to our Board and our management team, and has played a big part in enabling us to achieve our goals.”


Nicholas Victorin, Mayor

"The good people of the Goodworks Team have worked with me to bring greater visibility to the plight of my City following a devastating earthquake in 2010. And everything has been done “pro bono” – just as they promised. Their remarkable good-faith commitment to assist those in need around the world is simply amazing."


Beth Ross, Founder & Executive Director

"I cannot begin to thank you for the attention you have brought to Blanket Tampa Bay. Only this week a couple who have been with us for a year who live in Pasco County (Trinity) have asked to serve the homeless in Pasco County. So we have become Blanket Tampa Bay Pasco!"


Steve King, Executive Director

“I’ve collaborated closely with Dennis (GOODWORKS 360° CEO) over the years both as our Board Member and Board Chairman. We formed that rare “bond” that was key to introducing a stream of continuous improvement or “best practices” from the top down. The notion of “comfortably accountable” at the Board level (introduced by Dennis) continues to resonate with our Board today, as we look forward to sustaining our heartfelt Mission for many years to come…"


Mandy Cloninger, Executive Director

"The GoodWorks 360° Team has offered thoughtful and constructive feedback on our merger announcement with Feeding Tampa Bay. Their specific recommendations have helped us be concise, to the point and on message whether we are speaking to a employee, volunteer or donor. We are grateful for their talents with communication and his willingness to view our "mission-critical" message through the eyes of our various constituencies!"