The Online Fundraising Scorecard

If you are serious about improving your online fundraising then the online fundraising scorecard is required reading.

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The Midlevel Donor Crisis

What We Learned From Donating $1000 or More to 37 Different Organizations. After years of working with top nonprofit organizations, we began to notice an ongoing trend. Organizations did not have specific strategies for communicating with mid-level donors.

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Why Should I Give To You?

Your value proposition is the single most effective tool you have as a fundraiser to influence your potential donor to make a donation. After years of research, we've discovered that most nonprofits are ineffectively communicating their value proposition and are losing donors as a result.

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Nonprofit Management Research

The top resource for free Management research, white papers, reports, case studies, magazines, and eBooks.

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NextAfter Digital Research

We post new experiments to the Research Library each week. These experiments can give you ideas on new tests to run as you look for new ways to optimize your online fundraising.

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FREE ONLINE COURSE – Email Fundraising Optimization

Write and Design Better Email Fundraising Campaigns. Free 6-Session Online Course on How to Grow Your Email Fundraising.

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