The Midlevel Donor Crisis

What We Learned From Donating $1000 or More to 37 Different Organizations

After years of working with top nonprofit organizations, we began to notice an ongoing trend. Organizations did not have specific strategies for communicating with mid-level donors.

So we developed a hypothesis:

Nonprofit organizations are abandoning their mid-level donors.

To see if our hypothesis was true, we made $1000–$5000 donations to 37 unique organizations. We then monitored all of the communication we received for a period of 90 days.

After analyzing the data, we had some startling observations including:

  • Only 8% of organizations called us to say thank you.
  • Only 31% of communication we received came from a real person.
  • 49% of organizations either sent nothing, or stopped communicating after a month.

We’ve documented all of the data, our observations, and key learnings into a single research study called The Mid-level Donor Crisis.

In this study, you’ll also find 5 case studies that demonstrate how  humanized andempathetic communication can lift the performance of your online fundraising with this valuable donor segment.

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