Why Should I Give To You?

Your value proposition is the single most effective tool you have as a fundraiser to influence your potential donor to make a donation.

After years of research, we've discovered that  most nonprofits are ineffectively communicating their value proposition and are losing donors as a result.

This ground-breaking study of 127 of the largest nonprofit organizations will help you understand the need to communicate your value proposition effectively, and equip you to answer the fundamental value proposition question:

Why should I give to you, rather than some other organization, or not at all?

After seeing the results of this study, Randy Valentine – Senior Director of Marketing and Philanthropy for Every Home For Christ – said:

It's one of the most succinct, clear, and actionable papers I have ever read. I've read it and re-read it. And we are making changes internally because of it. – Randy Valentine

Learn how you can effectively craft and communicate your value propositon and acquire more donors and dollars than ever before by requesting your free copy of the eBook, Why Should I Give to You?