What Can You Accomplish from a Board Retreat? There are six no-nonsense reasons to have a board retreat this year AND every year, which include:

1) Fulfill your mission. Your board needs to be engaged and involved, and it is time to regroup, reconnect and recharge.

2) Re-energize and re-engage your board. Reignite the passion for the mission in board members. Tell a story, etc. to remind them of why they are there.

3) Review roles and responsibilities. Provide a board member expectation worksheet and have each member sign it. Review expectations of members and have members do a self-assessment.

4) Plan for the year. Review your strategic plan and discuss possible updates. Break into committees and set goals plus action steps.

5) Raise more money. Talk about giving and getting money. Emphasize 100 percent board-donor participation. Provide fundraising training to them.

6) Networking and socializing. Provide ample social and networking time, so members can get to know each other.