Why Do People Give? Reach more people. Acquire more donors. Raise more money


NextAfter is a non-agency.

We’re also not a nonprofit. But we very much are a cause-based organization. Our cause is to unleash the most generous generation in the history of the world. To do that we have constructed a new type of company that combines the perpetual learning of a marketing and fundraising Research Lab with the practical application of a Consultancy. NextAfter works alongside nonprofits to develop research as to why their donors give and put those learnings into practice to help them reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more dollars to fund their world-changing work.

Our Mission is Too Big for Just Us

We are not naïve.  We realize that no matter how big, or how fast our company grows, we will never be able to work with enough organizations to make a dent in our mission to create a widespread, pervasive personal generosity.  So we’ve made a decision early on to open-source all of our work.  Every experiment that we perform is carefully documented, validated, and published in our growing online Digital Fundraising Research Library.  It is free to access, requires no login, and contains everything that we have learned from performing 1,183 unique experiments spanning a combined sample of more than 207,534,941 donor interactions.