Recent studies from Stanford University have revealed a nonprofit leadership development deficit leading many executives to exit their role. Leaders cite lack of support and resources as key challenges. The costly and unwanted turnover of leadership and key department employees is putting nonprofits and the communities they serve at great risk.

The Nonprofit Marketing Academy is working to reverse the deficit by providing solutions that address the root cause of the deficit. The Academy serves as a learning center for nonprofit leaders. We developed the INM Method of Nonprofit Leadership. Using this method, we help solve some of today’s toughest nonprofit leadership challenges by blending an Integrated Marketing Process, Technology Application and Professional Developmentdevelopment for leaders, employees and board members.

Most nonprofits could benefit from the expertise of a c-level marketing expert to help them build their customer experience and marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many nonprofits don’t have the starting budget to employ a full-time expert. The Academy’s expert contributors have worked in c-level leadership positions across a variety of industries. We bring their expertise and strategies to nonprofit leaders and marketing executives through our courses, resources, and a peer community.

How Integrated Nonprofit Marketing solves budget-draining nonprofit marketing challenges

Integrated Nonprofit Marketing uses a documented and measurable content strategy that is tied to organizational goals. By developing an Integrated Nonprofit Marketing Plan, nonprofits follow an organization-wide approach to marketing. This approach fully maximizes resources, and it also aids in employee development and the overall sustainability of the nonprofit.

Let’s look at those biggest challenges our nonprofit marketers shared and see how Integrated Nonprofit Marketing resolves the challenges.

Strategy and Resources – Applying Integrated Nonprofit Marketing resolves the challenge of creating a nonprofit content strategy because it places strategy-building appropriately within the overall planning process. When we use a nonprofit marketing plan like that outlined above, we have a clear understanding of the nonprofit’s business needs and goals and how to support them. We complete the planning process with a fully funded Integrated Nonprofit Marketing Plan. Additionally, Integrated Nonprofit Marketing centers on team development, maximizing resources, and generating new streams of revenue, so marketers have the resources they need to create relevant content.

Time and Capacity – Developing a plan provides the opportunity to be very strategic in our approach to marketing. Marketers can manage and measure a plan, to ensure they produce the desired outcomes. When we plan, we are no longer wasting time on tactics that do not produce. We strengthen our capacity because we now have a marketing system in place with technology, templates, planning calendars and content curation. Nonprofits that follow an Integrated Nonprofit Marketing approach benefit from developing the entire team using free and cost-effective training, and learning how to use technology to streamline marketing.

Ready to improve your capacity, save time, and gain a higher ROI with content marketing? Get started with Integrated Nonprofit Marketing today.