Elena Newton

“The first step toward a great answer is to reframe the question.”

From leading software product design and development, to building a Global Service organization, my passion is ensuring that products and services delight the customer and drive business results. My expertise includes:

✅  Shaping teams, developing people, and building processes designed to deliver exceptional
products and customer experiences.
✅  Understanding and translating customer needs into product requirements, and motivating
development teams to deliver products that delight the customer.
✅ Enhancing the Customer Experience by bridging the gap between development, product, and
service teams.
✅  Designing and developing custom web applications, and managing development teams to
deliver on time and on budget – Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS, SASS.

I value openness and integrity, consideration and communication, and diverse perspectives; I thrive in an energetic, collaborative environment; and have a passion for action, with a relentless focus on detail and execution. Outside the office, I hold a red sash in Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, enjoy language and continuous learning, skiing and golf, and competing in American Style Latin Ballroom dance.