Monica Dettori

"Look deep into Nature and you'll understand everything better." A-Einstein

I sustain Organisation Development (OD) & Transformation at scale, to deliver business impact and create shared-value by deploying human-centric solutions that align with the company’s strategic goals, strengthening resilience and readiness to change.

My purpose comes to light through transparent, collaborative, innovative and conscious leadership, as I foster an ecosystem in which individuals, teams and leaders move together to collectively generate greater performance and to sustain company’s long-term success.

With over a decade of experience in the people profession, I have developed in-depth expertise and know-how in devising, implementing, leading on and measuring the impact of interventions that have improved the employee's experience and elevated leadership impact by leveraging agile and design thinking methodologies, coaching, behavioural science and best-practices.

I am passionate about regenerative approaches that produce ripples of positive change at individual, organisational and societal level. I have contributed to the Mission of established UK charities and grass root charitable start-up whilst consulting (volunteer) with the Cranfield Trust Foundation (UK National Charity) for on-demand project-work since 2019.