Robin Anderson

"People will support that which they help to create."

Robin is responsible for Card Sales, and the consulting and design of card programs for premier clients at her current bank.  She has been in the commercial industry for over 20 years.  Prior to her banking career, she was in accounts payable, purchasing and travel where she created and ran a card program for a Fortune 500 company for over 21 years.  She had a 5000 card travel program and a 1400 card Purchasing program. 

Robin transitioned to the Card Industry by creating a school research project to save local company money by helping them implement a card program.  Saving the company $10MM a year in process savings, she was offered a position within the card industry. While in Commercial Card at JPMorgan Chase and American Express, she managed several teams of implementation managers who were responsible for implementing clients on all Card products including Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP).

Robin also created the concept of Macro tax, sometimes also referred to as exact tax.  By implementing the new tax solution at her company, she was able to streamline the entire company sales and use tax.  Since the implementation of the new tax solution, many companies have converted to this tax solution to streamline their company’s process and ensure its tax liability is properly paid.

Robin has not-for-profit experience while working for SunTrust and her current employer.  She spent a lot of time in the Washington DC area for non-profit consulting along with the oil and gas industry to ensure processes were streamlined to save money, plus an air-tight process to ensure the non-profit is in good standing with the people they support. 

She has been a member of the Institute of Financial Operations (IFO) for 20 years and has spoken at their conferences several times.  During one of the IFO conferences, she spoke about the BIP process and talked to a girl separately about the new process and, that person’s company became the first BIP client.  Since that time, she has managed a team of implementers who have on boarded hundreds of BIP implementations throughout the United States within various industries. 

Robin’s 2017 speaking engagements include two for AP Now & Tomorrow, the Institute of Financial Management (IOFM), National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals (NAPCP), and the Institute of Financial Operations (IFO) and local Universities in Richmond, Virginia.  Robin was also approached to publish an article for Recharged Education about Integrated Payables. 

Robin started her writing career with Women’s Voices Magazine in 2015.  She was chosen by the CEO of the magazine to be a top 20 columnist, which carried the benefits of now being a syndicated writer.  Robin currently writes directly for the syndicator, Bizcatalyst 360° and has her articles published in 149 countries. 

Robin has a BBA and MBA from Averett University.  Recently achieved the APPM Accredited Procure-To-Pay Manager certification.