Sushant Bharti

"Done is better than Perfect"

I am one of the many people who have lived the transition & transformation that got started somewhere in mid 1990s. I was part of the game when the word "Software" became talk of every household; something to which people started tagging their growth. I, still, am, very much, part of the game when the game is being shifted to advanced and futuristic technologies. Being part of this transition has inculcated core digital skills somewhere deep inside me.

I am a management graduate (MBA) by qualification and marketer by virtue of interest. I help businesses achieve growth through amalgamation of Digital with People, Process, Purpose, and Technology. To help businesses adapt to and adopt future technologies lies at the core of my digital transformation initiatives.

I am a voracious reader and constant learner. I am also an author in making. I could be reached for services around Business Growth and Transformation through Digital, Marketing, and Strategy. I am also a big supporter of entrepreneurship and come with a distinguished tag of working with +200 startups / entrepreneurs across the globe and mentoring / advising them around Business Plan, Bootstrapping, Startup Investment, and Startup growth. I have worked with NFPs in the past in various capacity. The NFPs were focused on; Women Upliftment through skilling; Road Safety & Awareness, and; School for children's from poor families.