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Navicore Solutions is a national leader in the field of nonprofit financial counseling.  

Founded in 1991 in New Jersey, Navicore Solutions provides compassionate financial counseling to consumers nationwide in the areas of personal finance, consumer credit, student loans, foreclosure prevention and housing, as well as bankruptcy counseling and education.

A national 501(c)(3) organization, Navicore Solutions operates 9 offices in 9 states and our certified counselors assist more than 100,000 consumers each year through in-person, telephone and Internet engagement.

Get to Know Navicore

Our Mission: Navicore Solutions strengthens the well-being of individuals and families through education, guidance, advocacy and support. 

The quality and depth of our counseling model sets us apart, as well as our longstanding commitment to acting in the best interest of our clients. Learn more about our Executive team here and how we work together with our clients in the following video:

Financial Education and Community Outreach: Our services extend beyond our counseling model and Debt Management Plan with education and outreach programs that serve the community.  You can access our Education Library here

What do our Clients Think?  "Navicore's debt management program has been wonderful. They helped in a way that wouldn't hurt my credit. Their negotiation helped to drop all of my interest to a very manageable level which resulted in more money back in my family's budget. I would definitely recommend Navicore to others that are having financial problems. In addition, they offered very helpful credit building classes to educate clients to prevent them from getting in this type of situation in the future.”  Arthur W. - Puyallup, WA

"From my first phone call to Navicore I felt a calmness. My counselor was so understanding and kind. I really felt she had compassion for my situation and really wanted to help "me". I didn't feel like just another customer. She was there to help me understand the whole process from start to finish and gave me the confidence I haven't had for a long time."  Sharon T. - Saukville, WI

To speak with a Certified Navicore Counselor, contact Navicore at 1-800-992-4557 or click here

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